Reasons for Divorce

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Three of my friends got divorced last year.... I was wondering that there are thousands or more of people get divorced each year. What could be the major reasons or common causes for such high number of divorces each year!

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  1. Guest22805678

    friendship is your foundation.

  2. Guest22801860

    I do not know about the world but Reason For 1 In 5 Divorces In The US: Facebook. I read this in an article. Facebook is cited in 1 out of every 5 divorces in the United States, according to a recent survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML). Furthermore, 81 percent of the country’s top divorce attorneys say they have seen an increase in the number of cases using social networking evidence during the past five years. Last but not least, Facebook is the unrivaled leader for online divorce evidence with 66 percent citing it as the primary source.


  3. SAP

    Incompatibility, misunderstandings, overexpectations and poor relationship management

  4. Guest22793885

     Let us try to understand the reasons why people want to divorce.
    Some frequently cited reasons for divorce:
    1. Lack of commitment towards marriage, sexual incompatibility and infidelity
    2. Lack of communication between spouses
    3.Abandonment, Alcohol Addiction, Substance Abuse
    4. Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Emotional Abuse
    5.Inability to manage or resolve conflict
    6.Differences in personal and career goals
    7. Different expectations about household tasks and financial problems
    8. Intellectual Incompatibility and Inflexibility
    9. Mental Instability or Mental Illness
    10. Religious beliefs, cultural and lifestyle differences

  5. Danial

    Well, i think the one and most important reason for most of the divorces is difference in opinions based on expectations.... and such prolonged situation is unbearable for any one of them, they apart!

  6. Guest22793882

     In my opinion the basic reason for divorces these days is the lack of understanding and lack of tolerance between Husband and wife. 

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