I am looking for names and addresses of Real Estate agents in North Dakota

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I am looking for a new house in North Dakota and also wish to sell the one I am residing in presently. For this purpose, I want to have a list of top Real Estate agents which are based in North Dakota.

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  1. Harry

    If you are looking to buy a new house or sell your present one, it is better to consult some professional real estate agents. Below is a list of top real estate agents based in North Dakota.

    Eickhof, Kristi - Realtor
    4551 S. Washington St., Grand Forks ND

    Rvl Real Estate Llp
    Powers Lake ND

    Oakes Real Estate
    606 Main Avenue # 4, Oakes ND

    Pattison, Gary
    1401 32nd St S, Fargo ND

    Continental Real Estate Inc
    135 Sims Street # 201, Dickinson ND

    Dakota Realty & Appraisal Service
    719 2nd Street W, Williston ND

    Bennefeld, Judy
    224 4th Street NW # 2, Devils Lake ND

    Loberg Realty Inc
    2934 36th Avenue S, Fargo ND

    Craig Reynolds
    803 5th Street Se, Stanley ND

    Noreen Bahn Realtor
    405 10th Street W, Bottineau ND

    Jim Nordwick
    7551 Highway 50, Stanley ND

    John A Bauer
    120 3rd Sr, Riverdale ND

    Steen Realty
    64 Broadway N, Fargo ND

    Npi, Inc
    113 30th Street Nw, Minot ND

    Inreit Management, LLC
    216 S Broadway # 202, Minot ND

    Magic City Financial Group
    601 18th Avenue Se # 2, Minot ND

    Fielding, John
    1618 12th Street N, Fargo ND

    Eggen Gene Broker Owner
    1015 Hiawatha Street, Minot ND

    Wyum, David L
    96 5th Street E, West Fargo ND

    Anderson, Lona
    1541 S Broadway, Minot ND

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