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Hi there

I guess I just found the mystery movie and it is called The Rage of Paris (1938) with Danielle Darrieux and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. but I need some more details about the movie. Help me out and tell me some major details about the movie.


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    that is great news, as you know the name now. You know The Rage of Paris is one of my favorite movies.

    It was a unique comedy movie which was made by the world famous Universal Studios. It was directed by legendary director Henry Koster. The films also won Venice Film Recommendation.
    The movie starts with a dazzling French model that enters New York for her a bright future. Here first photo shoot was nude one. But soon she realizes that she needs a rich husband who can take care of her easily and facilitate her in all odd of life. She was facing the most miserable condition, as she does not have money to pay the rent of her house.

    With the help of plan she tries to catch the eye of a millionaire guy Bill Duncan, who was staying at the hotel. The planed really works and she becomes engaged with Bill. It is an interesting story. You must watch it, keep it in your movie collection.

    I must admit that is one I have never seen, and I could kick myself for not thinking of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. when you described the hero.


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