Rate of Economic development in Philippines for past ten years

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Can someone tell me about rate of economic growth of Philippines for the last decade. I have tried to find out it on internet but can't find any relevant information regarding this.

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    Philippines economic development has been very fast in recent years. However, in last three decades, development rate has been fastest. Real gross domestic product for this time was approximated to be 7 %, but development has slowed down a bit in 2008, which came to about 4.5% because of world economic crisis.
    Economic development in Philippines finances has been because of high government spending. A hard employed service part and large share from millions of Filipinos employed overseas performed a significant function in Philippines economic development. Since, Macapagal-Arroyo came into power in 2001 there has been an economic development of 5 percent. Still, Philippines desire a farther boost in development rate in alignment to maintain development in economy.
    More economic development of Philippines is needed to alleviate scarcity from that homeland and address imbalances in circulation of income. It furthermore tensions on high community growth. Macapagal-Arroyo furthermore has taken large care insert new income assesses to constrict expenditures of country. New expansion in finances of Philippines can be anticipated because of affirmative efforts in reducing fiscal shortfalls, constricting liability and liability service ratios. There has been a boost in expenditure in infrastructure of country. Economic prospects of Philippines have developed, which in turn would augur well for economic development at Philippines.
    Though there has not been any contradictory influence on macroeconomic expectation of Philippines economy, yet this territory has faced some setbacks because of diverse external reasons. It has furthermore faced trials from local competitors. Main aim of Philippines has been to evolve paid work possibilities and reduce poverty. Long period Philippines economic development can only be likely if these localities are correctly taken care of.
    Purchasing power parity of GDP for fiscal year 2008 was $327.2 billion, while authorized exchange rate of GDP was $172.3 billion. Per capita GDP as was noted in 2008 was $3,400 and 4.5% is genuine development rate in whole household product. Agricultural part assists about 13.8% to GDP, 2008 of Philippines finances and 31.9% is obtained from industry. From service part of Philippines finances assistance in the direction of Philippines GDP is about 54.3%.
    Philippines economic development is furthermore outcome of farming goods, which encompasses maize, sugarcane, pineapples, coconuts, bananas, rice, cassavas, mangoes and pork, for demonstration, beef and fish. Major commerce that assist to economic development of Philippines are timber goods, electronics assembly, nourishment processing, footwear, garments, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petroleum perfecting and fishing.

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