Rare Candy on Pokemon Fire Red

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Is there a way to get a few hundred rare candy's without using a cheat cartridge on pokemon Fire Red

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  1. Guest14687059
    put 6 pokes in your party that have the ability "pick up". And every once in a while, see if you have one(every time you beat a pokemon, there's a chance that your pokemon is equipped with a new item).

  2. Guest14603520
    no you dumb a*s go suck some <=3 -_-
  3. Guest14426071
    There is hidden rc in mt moon in a small fields and in the team rocket hidouts goodluck:P
  4. Guest14249666
    sorry no i wouldent think the person who made the game would put 200 or more rare candy in the game if u think im trying to lie im not D:
  5. Guest14118453
    yep just find a meowth and use thief on it 35% chance to get 1 if the user doesnt hold any item. Hope this helps
  6. Guest11794147
    no ya dumb a$$
  7. Guest10546580
    go suck a <=3
  8. Guest10426943
  9. Guest8085906
  10. Guest5535752
  11. Guest3536808
    Nope, I'm afraid there's no way to get so many Rare Candy without cheating.

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