Rain plays spoilsport at Durban: Rajasthan and Mumbai share a point each

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Rain plays spoilsport at Durban: Rajasthan and Mumbai share a point each

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  1. Maira
    At this point it seems frustratingly ironic that the major reason why South Africa was picked over England for its ‘sunnier’ weather and yet we have been forced to see more highlights packages waiting for skies to clear and covers to come off rather than LIVE action. Not just for television viewers who were hotly anticipating another mini tussle between the titans, but also the patient Kingsmead crowd that left home disappointed. Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals captains never even came out for the toss as they left to their hotel rooms each picking up a single point. Neither of the teams will be too happy though with the charged up Indians wanting to double their tally while the Royals wanted to show that their last defeat was just a freak. At this point we would like to really know who was actually advising Lalit Modi on the weather in late April in South Africa. While organizers are saying these are ‘freak showers’, the freakishness seems to becoming an all too common addition to the tournament at this point. It takes 5 overs a side to squeeze in a 20-20 contest and at this point we are even unable to squeeze in that!!

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