How to receive good radio stations and signals?

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What are the methods to achieve good radio signals and stations , what is the best time to catch more radio stations, daytime or the night time?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Radio signals are vulnerable to interference than any other signals. There are many conditions that effect the signal strength like weather or even any other noise and distortion in the air. In general there are two types of radio signals , e.g there are AM radio signals and there are FM radio signals. The AM radio signals get more effected to noise as compared to the FM radio signals. Although there is no guarantee method by which you can assure the strength of signals but there are some strategies that you can apply to achieve good reception.
    You can move the radio from other devices such as computers, lights, microwaves, televisions, cell phones and chargers. When the AM radio is broadcasted these devices produce noise in the frequency band, thus causing in the bad reception.
    Turn you dimmer lights to either full on or to full off, adopting any other position can result in the obstacle with the waves and signals of radio.
    There are directional antennas inside the radio due to which you have to turn or move the radio in every direction to capture best signals in the better direction.
    For better reception you can use External antenna with you radio, there are some wireless antennas also available for achieving best results, you can use them with that radio as well. Also try to place you radio near a window for better reception.
    Due to noise and factors and activities which occur at the daytime, they can cause in the hindrance of signals and waves while during the night time such noise might be less effective, thus resulting in better reception, so you might be able to get good reception in the night as compared to the daytime.

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