RVD university approved by AICTE?

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RVD university approved by AICTE? Is this true that AICTE approved the RVD university or is this just a rummer?

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  1. Guest24869456

    As per AICTE stand the RVD university is not approved by ugc-aicte dec joint committee.AICTE has informed all the state technical departments that it has not approved any degree/diploma courses run by any university or institution. Similarlly as per chief secretary to Govt. of Haryana vide urgent memo No-42/178/2008-5GSI dated 21 may,2009 based on AICTE letter Legal/01(02)/2009 PC/Dis. Edu/2008 dated 22/12/2008 stating that it has not approved any degree/diploma courses run by any university or institution till 22/12/2008.Now it is the high time to stand united against the AICTE which is not clarifying the issue. It is not understandeble that if it is approving the institution based on dec recognition then what is the problem in approving the programmes run by those approved institutions/ University.This can be seen as under ion the case disposed of in Hon'ble Court in W.P.(C) No. 15829 of 2008 aw* W.P.(C) No.3524 of 2009. at point no 12.( That accordingly in terms of the direction of this
    Hon'ble Court dated 16.04.2009, a High Power Committee was constituted with the representatives of AlCTE, DEC and UGC under the Chairmanship of Director, D.E.C. to enquire into the matter. One of the Officers of the MCL was also present. In the said High Power Committee, it was concluded that the DEC has given institutional recognition to JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University, for offering the programme approved by the statutory
    body of the University through Distant mode. It was further decided that the recognition given by the DEC to the degree/diploma students is given under post facto recognition, regular recognition to its institution and its programme will be given finally on the recommendation/decision of the joint committee (UGC, AlCTE and DEC) as decided in the last meeting of the joint committee. Copy of such minutes of the meeting of higher power committee dated 04.06.2009 ) When this time will come if this can not happen in approximately three years then when will this can be expected? Isn't AICTE is playing with the students of these institutions? This is only because the students of these universities are not united. What a pity on them? These students are being treated as the  worth less people and thats why AICTE is not addressing this issue and thats too in such a long duration.If u all the students are worthless and  unintelligent then  u r there where u should be. If u want your destiny then stand united and fight for the cause. If AICTE is not to give recognition/ approval to these versities then Why these  versities are in existance? Mere advertising in the four national news papers does not means that is is all over.The advertisements must contain the names of the universities whose courses are not approved, to avoid inconvenience to the students.still a ray of hope is there. Stand united and see miracles happen. so many things to convey but limited space....................

    See u soon,

    Ateela, Haryana1234001

  2. Guest22472476

    some body reply that the RVDU is not approved by AICTE & UGC, please do not reply for which you do not know exactly.

  3. Guest22422997


  4. Guest22421433

     Dear sir 

    RVD universty has any branch in RAMANADU district

  5. Guest21745744

    Dear sir please send us detail of RVD University that it is approved by AICTE or UGC with Affiliation certificate.

    For - B.Tech

    Best Regards

    Jitendra Singh

  6. Guest20740346
    Yes its approved by UGC,DEC and also AICTE.Don't worry its eligible for all type of state & central government jobs.COURSE APPROVED BY UGC-AICTE-DEC JOINT COMMITEE...
  7. Guest20733304
    rvd approved aicte yes or no, pl sir i weating for ur answer.
  8. Guest20715193
    Dear, I am Working in QATAR. So I Would like to Study IN distance education from RVD University So Please Tell me That, Is this approved To UGC & DEC $ AICTE ? whether they got approval,when they approved by council.
  9. Guest20555238
    JRN RVD is a Deemad University which have NAAC B++ Certified , approved by UGC (under the section 3,Act 1956 )and DEC but not approved by AICTE ( All India Council of Technical Edun.) This university is listed as 44 deemed university which is de-recognization by HRDM in Jan. 2010 ( Govt. of India ) due to which no addmission take place as case is in the court but no worry to those students who had took addmission in this University , desicion is pending in court. Hope for best as another 43 universities are in same condition for more information , kindly log on to:-- For UGC approval log on to : For DEC approval log on to : Rgs Yours good whisher
  10. Guest20540200
    Dear, I am Working in Govrnment Service So I Would like to Study from RVD University So Please Tell me That, Is this approved To UGC & DEC $ AICTE ?
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  12. Guest20213331
    rvd univercity approved by AICTE??????
  13. Guest20088949
    RVD university is not approved by AICTE
  14. Guest20087035
    kisi bhi diploma ke last semester ke result 1 month me annaounce kar dia karo polly. diploma 6th sem ka result bta dejie. de-II/08/158490
  15. Guest19809665
    how RVD University is Approved by AICTE?
  16. Guest19374360
    but, nowadays there is no information regarding admission display on the university site. i don't know what happen? i think this is due to recently de-recognization of deemed university by HRDM. I also want to do the B.Tech course through distance mode from this. but not getting any detail from net site. if anybody know about it pl. write me at thanks.
  17. Guest19008995
  18. Guest17496670
  19. Guest17166903
    RVD university approved by aicte
  20. Guest17107588 engineering in distance education is also approved by AICTE
  21. Guest16926008
    RVD university approved by UGC
  22. Guest16285468
    rvd university approved by UGC not required for AICTE
  23. Guest15303724
    RVD university approved by AICTE
  24. Guest15300335
    is rvd university approved by UGC & aicte
  25. Guest15266300
    RVD university approved by AICTE
  26. Guest15073227
    i dont no...
  27. Guest14619754
    railways ke exam de scte h...
  28. Guest14619754
    railways ke exam de scte h...
  29. Guest14272662
    No rvd not approved by aicte
  30. Guest13129882
    Yes it is approved by AICTE
  31. Guest12968009
    pls healp me is Rvd university by approved AICTE?
  32. Guest12968009
    I dont no Rvd university by approved AICTE?
  33. Guest12927589
    RVD is temporarily approved by Distance Education Council(DEC) and University Grants Commission(UGC). Permanent approval under process. Not approved by AICTE. Institute of Engineers(IE) has approved higher studies in its institute if you complete any degree course from RVD. Court order says that if you have approval from UGC and DEC, then approval is not required by AICTE. Many private organisations give promotions based on RVD degree. Don't know about Govt. After careful study and review, I had posted this answer. Because Iam also a student of RVD. Many students are worried about the approval. That is why I post this answer
  34. Guest12873478
    nO rvd IS NOT APPROVED BY aicte..100%
  35. Guest12822840
    te approved by AICTE che ten manyta mali che
  36. Guest12777326
    RVD university approved by AICTE yes/no
  37. Guest12749633
    same qus as above
  38. Guest12284760
    risult kab tak aiga2009juli ka.
  39. Guest11751995
  40. Guest11429870
    it is not so far approved by any indian govt . body they are just cheating with students.
  41. Guest11340129
    how we will ensure that rvd is approved by dec?
  42. Guest11237480
    rvd university approved by ugc and dec and also approved by ugc/aicte/dec joint commettee
  43. Guest11180980
    Pls any on tell me is it from rvd univ is eligible for joining M.Tech in any univ in india
  44. Guest11143930
    yes it is approved by AICTE.
  45. Guest10936147
  46. Guest10410353
    is rvd is approved by dec aicte and ugc
  47. Guest10335793
    yes sure
  48. Guest9492773
    is rvd university approved by govt. can we apply for govt. job.

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