Recommended tire size for FORD F-150.

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I drive FORD F-150 and want to replace the old tires in my car. I would like to know the ratings of tires for my truck. I will be towing a trailer with small load of 1500 to 400 lbs. The bed will have a load of 1000lbs and right now I have D rated tires on mu truck which worked fine I have never had the trailer on. I am seriously looking for some expert opinion in the choice of tires for my truck. I have asked many friends for the suggestion but they did not satisfy me. Do you have any experience related to this? Can someone give me a good advice over this? I would be really great full for this favor.. Thanks in advance for the time.

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  1. Automobile Guru

    Hey there, you need to look for the placard on your vehicle. The placard will tell you the original tire size and the proper inflation for that size. The placard is usually located on the doorpost or in the glove box.

    The second thing is you need to call the vehicle manufacturer and find out what the towing capacity is for the vehicle. Do not forget to ask them what the payload capacity for your vehicle is (and this includes the trailer tongue weight). If you within the vehicle manufacturer's limits for all this, then you are within the tire's capability provided you are using the size and inflation listed on the placard. If you are outside the vehicle manufacturer's limits, then you need a bigger truck. That is all in my knowledge hope this would help you. Best of luck.


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