Amount of RE taxes applied on my property?

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I have my own house where I live, and last year I gave a reserve deposit for another house in a complex that is still in pre-construction in FL. Since I locked in the price of the property to this day, the price has gone up almost $30K. It will be even higher after people start to move in, etc. I'm not sure about the tax implication of selling this property, and if the cost-benefit of this transaction makes it a good deal. Would you please explain it to me? Thank you, I appreciate your help.

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  1. Angelina

     The genuine house levy is a levy founded on the worth of genuine property. Counties, towns, villages, villages, school localities, and exceptional localities each lift cash through the genuine house tax. The cash capital schools, buys for policeman and blaze defense, sustains streets, and capital other municipal services relished by residents.
    The allowance of a specific property's levy account is very resolute by two things: the property's taxable evaluation and the levy rates of the levying jurisdictions in which the house is located. The levy rate is very resolute by the allowance of the levy to be increased from all, or part, of a considering unit, and the unit's total taxable considered value. The evaluation is very resolute by the assessor and should be founded on the worth of the house less any applicable house levy exemptions.
    Real house is characterized as land and any enduring organizations adhered to it. Examples of genuine house are dwellings, gas positions, agency structures, vacant land, buying hubs, saleable natural assets (e.g. oil, gas, timber), ranches, luxury suites, manufacturers, bistros, and, in most examples, wireless homes.

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