Michelin Tires on Alloy Rims problem.

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Read with interest your response regarding rim leaks when using Michelin tires on alloy rims. I am having just such a reoccurring problem now. Every six months the tire store has to remount the tires. I am concerned that they have now removed the coating on the rims, and corrosion will be an ongoing process. Do you recommend anything to reseal the aluminum? Is there a rim sealant used in the tire business that (such as a bead of RTV in between the tire and rim) that would both stop the leaks and seal the aluminum against moisture and corrosion? I am really looking for some serious answer on this. Someone please share some good advice here with me. Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Hey there, first I think the problem is generic to alloy wheels it does not matter whose tires are involved.
    I have not done much work in trying to find a solution. What I did was recoat my wheels with a clear coat, but since I have not actually mounted tires on the wheels since I did this, I cannot tell you how effective it was.

    I have used the RTV approach, but I do not remember that working. If memory serves, the RTV leaked because I did not let it cure before I inflated the tire, which you cannot do because you want the bead to full seat, which requires full inflation pressure. Sorry, but I do not think I am going to be much help. Hope this would help you. Best of luck


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