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Are you big fan of downloading the best social apps of 2014? If so, then the Quizup app for iOS should surely be on your list. As we await the highly anticipated Quizup app for Android release date, we have however spotted that iOS players are unhappy with the frequent Quizup app question repetition that is going on.

If you play this app on a daily basis, you will know that Quizup has a tendency to keep offering the same questions. This has become annoying to some players, especially when the makers of the app promise that their system contains over 150,000 questions.

We can understand that the same question may be repeated now and again, but we have had feedback from some users who tell us that it keeps happening to them during play.

Do you need to see new questions in Quizup?
Do you need to see new questions in Quizup?
Aside from the issue with question repetition, some of you may have also noticed that the Quizup app itself may be prone to crashing without reason. Having said that, it remains a minor issue which we’re sure the team are working hard to fix before the next update.

Do you agree that new Quizup app questions need to arrive with the next update, or at least a new system which prevents questions repeating in the same category within a set period? Hopefully we’ll have a good update for you soon, including news on the Android release.

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