Quick way to get US Citizenship

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Searching for the details of what is the quick way to get US Citizenship, please help me in detail.

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  1. Angelina

     There are only two modes to become a civilian of the United States: be born a civilian or proceed through the naturalization process. In alignment to specify for naturalization, the potential civilian should have had a green business card in the United States for the past five years, three if they are wed to a civilian, and been in house in the United States for not less than two and a half. The time obligations are comprehensive, but the submission method is not difficult.
    • Complete Form N-400 demanding naturalization. You will be needed to supply data on all past locations in the United States, occupations any family constituents you have who are U.S. people, as well as your past customs for example customary consuming, lawless individual convictions and gambling.
    • Send your accomplished Form N-400 to the befitting service center along with any added types needed for your submission (such as the Form N-648, Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions, if you are applying for exemption to the obligations for English dialect or civics categories on the cornerstone of a disability), two identification photographs and a ascertain for the submission charge -- $680 as of 2011.
    • Complete the method requirements. As shortly as you obtain your designation note from the immigration services agency, you will be needed to proceed to a particular position and have your fingerprints taken. They may furthermore demand added documentation from you. Fulfill these demands as rapidly as likely so you can get your naturalization interview scheduled.
    • Attend your naturalization interview, conveying along all demanded articles, your green business card and a state-issued identification. You will be needed to take two checks, one on English dialect and the other on U.S. annals and civics. Your case will be reconsidered and you will be notified if or not you passed.
    • Take the oath of allegiance at a naturalization ceremony. You will require to supply identification when you ascertain in at the observance, so be certain to convey along state-issued identification and your green card. You will obtain a naturalization credentials at the end of the ceremony.

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