Marilyn Monroe in the year 1947

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I am just gathering some information on Marilyn Monroes different times. Can you please tell me something about what Monroe was doing in 1947, Specifically at June 1947?

Thanks so much for your help.

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  1. John

    Hello there

    Well why just 1947? Is there any specific reason behind this or you are just curious to know about the certain time period. I have a lot of information about her, but if you insist then I can tell you about the certain time period.

    Only a few of us know that in the later parts of the year 1947, she had a very hard track. She had worked on a few short scenes in Dangerous Years. She most likely appeared as an extra in various other B-rated movies that later ended up on the cutting room floor.

    Marilyn also supplemented her income with modeling and attending promotional events during this time. (Marilyn also took classes at the Actors Lab). She was actually pretty much broke, even resorted to dying her own hair for a while (a somewhat dingy strawberry blonde). At the end of the summer Fox Studios failed to renew her contract.

    She married also to give a support to her shattering career.

    A lot of guys say that Marilyn also performed at the Hayden Theater during this time but details are sketchy. This was her stage performance.

    I hope this helps a bit. I have many photos showing Marilyn during 1947. She did a lot of cheesecake modeling to make ends meet.

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