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I have my question about the noises that are experienced during the recording. It sounds just like when the needle drops down onto the vinyl. Perhaps these noises were included as a sound effect, but we cannot find any tie-in to the song content. Is it because of our CD has a manufacturing defect? If CDs are not the near-perfect medium that they are hyped to be, I guess that in the future we had better hold on to the receipt until the entire CD checks out okay.

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  1. Harry

    It is certainly not a defect. The sound of a needle on vinyl is infact a sound effect, inserted into the recording to make the song sound like it was recorded on an old LP. It is actually all part of the feel of the album, in which Barry, as the outside observer, looks into lives of people as if through the keyhole. There is a similar effect at the beginning of the album I Hear Her Playing Music, where part of the song sounds like it would if you were hearing it through a wall or ceiling in an apartment building. For this reason the CD manufacturers should not be blamed as there is certainly nothing wrong with the CD. However, there can be a possibility but not a very strong one that sometimes the CDs do prove to be defective. The best approach under these circumstances would be to try a different CD. If it gives the desired results then better to change it and if the result is same then it is only the sound effect.

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