Promotional offers at Adelaide Airport

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What are the promotional offers at Adelaide Airport? Someone please tell me about promotional offers at Adelaide Airport.

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  1. Airlines Expert
    There are Promotional offers at Adelaide Airport, some of them are mentioned below: Receive Cold Granite by Stuart MacBride Free Purchase Shatter the Bones by Stuart MacBride and receive Cold Granite free. Valued at $19.95. Available at Adelaide Airport T1 Newslink, Relay and Virgin Stores Offer ends 8th April 2011 20% Off selected Wiley Business Bestsellers Offer available until 8th April 2011 Available at NewsLink and Relay and Virgin Offer ends 8th April 2011 20% Off Clive Cussler Receive 20% off selected Clive Cussler titles including Corsair, Treasure of Khan, Navigator, Atlantis Found and many more. Available at NewsLink and Relay Offer ends 29th March 2011 Cadbury Medium Bars 2 for $4.50 Varieties include Cadbury Bubbly, Flake, Cherry Ripe, Twirl and many more of your favourites. Available at NewsLink, Relay and Virgin Offer ends 29th March 2011 Red Rock Deli 2 for $6.50 Buy 2 Red Rock Deli 90g chips for only $6.50. Flavours include Sea Salt, Sour Cream and Sweet Chilli, Honey Soy Chicken and more. Available from Virgin, NewsLink, Relay

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