Name of Director with last name Lubitch.

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I am seeking the full name and correct spelling of a former motion picture director (or perhaps a producer) whose last name Lubbich, or something similar. I have tried a number of spellings in Google but come up with nothing.
Back in the 1960s our Ambassador in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, divorced his wife and married the widow of a famous former Hollywood director or producer. At the time, the name sounded familiar, but now my memory has faded. I am in the process of writing a not-for-publication story of my life as a Foreign Service Officer for the interest of my children and grandchildren. I want to make certain that I have the correct name.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    You are talking about the director of Ernst Lubitsch who was born in the year 28th January 1892, and died in on November 30th 1947. He was a German film director. His unique comedy styles and his urbane way of humor gave him the reputation of Hollywoods most elegant and sophisticated director, as his prestige grew, the films showed there Lubitsch touch. Due to his great contributions to the art of the motion picture, he received the Honorary Academy Award, he was also nominated 3 times for the Best Director. He was born in Berlin, he was a son of Jewish tailor Simcha, his wife was a Russian immigrants. Lubitsch did not show any interest in the tailoring business of his father and went on to the theatre and by the year 1911, he was a member of Max Reinhardts theatre. Although he started his career as an actor but later on he concentrated on direction.

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