Process for collection of Singapore passport at post office?

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Please help me, what is the process like for collection of Singapore passport at post office? Thanks.

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  1. Singapore Guide
    Following steps has to be followed for the lose any of the required documents after made an appointment to collect Singapore passport at a post office. Step 1: Present all required documents to the counter staff at post office. Step 2: After checking that all documents are in order, SingPost staff will retrieve the passport. Step 3: SingPost staff will conduct a face-to-face check of the applicant against the passport and the identity document. Step 4: SingPost staff will conduct an identity verification by scanning your fingerprints. Step 5: Once your identity has been successfully verified, you will be issued with the passport. Step 6: You will sign an acknowledgement slip for the issuance of the passport. SingPost staff will then invalidate the previous passport and return to you.

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