Procedure to obtain a Philippines student visa

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I want to obtain a Philippines student vise. Can someone tell me that what is the procedure to obtain a Philippines student visa?

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    Studying in Philippines can be an exciting adventure but first you complete the visa process. Here is the following process of obtaining a student visa for the Philippines College or university is: • In the first instance, an application must be made directly to the school of the applicant's choice. As part of this application, the candidate must submit a range of documentation to prove their identity, including a birth certificate, which must be authenticated by the Philippines embassy or consulate in the student's country. Evidence of the candidate's education to date must also be provided along with an assurance that the candidate is able to be funded or can support him or herself throughout the course of their time in the Philippines. • The second step of the Philippines student visa application is for the applicant to be accepted by the school or college to which they have applied. • Where a candidate successfully obtains a place to study, the educational institution will issue a Notice of Acceptance (NOA). In some circumstances, where a candidate will be attending a medical course or a course in other selected areas, it will also be necessary to obtain a certificate of eligibility for admission (CEA) which will be issued by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). • Beyond these steps, the student visa application itself can be processed.

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