Procedure to make a Loop Flow Chart in Visual Logic

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What is the procedure to make a Loop Flow Chart in Visual Logic, please help?

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     Visual Logic is a programs program conceived for reasoning analysis. It presents users with the devices for the visual production and verification of ordered concepts. The users can combine with Visual Logic in the query and discover modes. The query mode characteristics devices for sleek of conflicted connections between components of the database. The discover mode permits the client to find the flowcharts, encompassing sequential, dependent and loop execution of reasoning programs. By setting the parameters of the "for loop".
    • Click the "Start" button in Windows and choose "Visual Logic."
    • Click the "Edit" button on the navigation bar and choose the flowchart in which you desire to make the loop.
    • Click the "Conf" button on the smaller navigation bar to open the "For Loops" dialog box.
    • Enter "Counter" in the "Variable Name" area, "1" in the "Initial Value" area, and "7" in the "Final value" field.
    • Click the "OK" connection to set up a loop that will cycle seven times.
    • Click the "Edit," "Save" and "OK" buttons to make a loop flowchart in the Visual Logic program.

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