Procedure to get the tourist visa for Philippine

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I want to get the tourist visa for Philippine. Does anyone know the procedure to get the tourist for Philippine?

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    Philippine is the 12th most popular country in the world because of its island and famous places. If you are like to visit the Philippines, first obtain a tourist visa. These are instruction to get the tourist visa; 1. If you want to get the visa in Philippine, first you determine about the visa. 2. Obtain two fresh passport size photograph when you apply for Philippine visa 3. Then you locate the Philippine consulate office that is nearest to where you live 4. Then you obtain an application form for a non-immigrant visa to the Philippines. Form can be obtained from the consulate office or it can be printed online at the Philippine embassy website 5. Complete the visa application form. Sign the application in the presence of a notary public. Who will check your form and notarized the form as proof. 6. You will need a photocopy of bank statement that show that you are able for travel. And second, you get the certificate from a travel agent that show, you are in the possession of round-trip tickets 7. Then you pay the application fee. Up to date fees can always be obtained from the Philippine embassy. 8. You attach your application form with passport and a check or money order for the application form. Passport must be valid for six months beyond your travel trip. 9. Finally you can get your passport back along with visa.

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