Problems you may meet in the ball mill process

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Ball mill liner in use of the process, it is very important accessory equipment, is to protect the cylinder from being damaged important component.So, we buy mill equipment at the same time, be sure to check the ball mill liners, liner see whether the required quality.Speaking of the importance of ball mill liner, then come to you today to talk about how to choose the ball mill liners, the following is the user that is being purchased by some of the recommendations: Everyone in the purchase of a ball mill liner, pay attention to lining board three advantages: 1, high cost, to adapt to the strong performance hongxingly after quenching advanced dual media processing mill liner, it has hardened, high hardness, high toughness characteristics, so that the liner has good wear resistance , high-manganese steel liner compared dual media quenching the alloy steel ball mill liners showed excellent price.2, high wear resistance, impact resistance and dual media hardened alloy steel liner in the alloying elements through scientific and rational formula, so that the liner has good physical and chemical properties, high manganese steel service life is more than 2 times.Able to withstand the huge impact efforts.In the work surface of the liner to maintain the shape of long, in order to ensure stability of the ball mill increased by 5% or more of production.

I believe there are many users in the operation of the Ball Mill process have encountered this problem, just solve the problem, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.When using a ball mill in the production, resulting in a high temperature within the cylinder are many reasons, such as high temperature materials; ventilation function failure; friction and abrasion between the materials; special season temperature affects the heat generated by the cooling mill and so on.If these problems can not be satisfactorily resolved, it will make the problem malignancy, very serious consequences.

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