Problems with my Princeton Digital VL2018W Monitor.

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It just flashes once when i turn it on. Then turn off and on with the light on it flashing blue and orange. Once and a while it will turn on but only in 1024x768 mode will not work in the other modes.

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  1. Guest15874912
    La computadora esta funcionando bien pues utilise otro monitor. Cuando instalo el monitor Princenton VL2018W aparece en la pantalla un mensaje de "NO Signal...or Check your connection". Le cambie el cable de la computadora al monitor y sa le el mismo mensaje. Att.

  2. Guest15655774
    Hello, This issue with the VL2018 is the power supply is failing. The flashing and no picture are common symptoms indicating the power supply is not providing the correct voltages for the monitor to start. When it is displaying a picture the reason it only works in 1024x768 mode is as the power start failing the voltages become unstable and that resolution is the default and the CPD board in the monitor does not have to change speeds. If you open the back of your monitor and look for parts called capacitors that are bulging on the top you will find the problem. Re place any that you see and you should be back going again without any problems. You can check out our web site at: for pictures of what to look for and parts descriptions of what you need to get for the repair. If you don't want to do the repair yourself we do offer a repair service for $30 plus return shipping. If you have any questions just email me at I hope this helps. Buddy Corporate Computer

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