Problems of female education in Pakistan

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What are the problems in Pakistan for education of female. Anyone have information about this please share it with me.

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  1. mike123

     yes lots of problems in pakistan for female education but day by day its improved it.

  2. Guest23134969
    Poverty, child marriages and discrimination are primary problems. As culture is male dominant people want their son to get education and need their girls towards profession at home. Some parents need their daughters towards get wed within teenage so they can’t get education. Feudal lords are also the big hurdle within ladies education. One of the else effect is whereas a institute is located. This mere but notable effect cannot be ignored. One principal parameter within parents' reservations approximately girls' schooling, as soon as the effect of not being able towards buy the education, is that their daughters shall possess towards get an education at a site that is far from home. This poses two exams, specially within destitute agricultural areas. The former is the effect of safety and security. The further away a institute is located, the many it is conceived viaparents towards be a threat towards a daughter's security. This is clearly evident within the example of leadinginstitutes within Baluchistan, Pakistan. It is noticeable otherwise that within the momentum towards boost ladyliteracy and education within Pakistan, girls' institutes ought be constructed and governed within areas as alongsidetowards residential areas as possible. This proximity shall reassure parents of their daughters' safety whilstdiminishing the moment spent within drift towards the detriment of home responsibilities. Where possible, inventions such as satellite institutes, bunch institutes and multi-grade lessons ought also beconsumed towards increase the availability of schooling facilities whilst keeping parental confidence and cooperationfor lady education within Pakistan. These indices possess worked successfully within a number of branches of South Asia and maintain the equivalent idea: holding daughters approaching house whilst educating them.

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