What are some of the significant advantages and disadvantages of toe pads?

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My Daughter is currently learning pointe, and her pointe teacher asked her to remove her toe pads. I would like to know what are some pros and cons of toe pads in pointe shoes? I heard that toe pads can help avert some potential injuries like bunions, arthritis, hammertoe, stress fractures, bone spurs. I suffered from these bone issues in my youth and want my daughter to stay free from them.

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  1. Mitchel

     Wearing Pointe shoes means that you are surely going to have pain. There is no logic behind removing toe pads if it prevents, pin and toe ache. Pointe shoes are specially made for ballet dancing, and help the dancer with difficult moves, but still one can have padding’s and coverings in the Pointe shoes, to improve one’s performance.
    I guess the teacher, holds certain traditional ideas, as far as I feel, she wants your daughter to remove padding’s for some character, if this is the case, then I don’t believe that a pad less Pointe shoe can make any one more professional.
    Almost every great ballerina dancer had padding’s in their Pointe shoes, as they are the only way, one can minimize the pain, inflicted by Pointe use.
    I think, you should talk to your daughter’s teacher, I am hopeful she will change her decision. Padding will decrease the pain, and their will be no blisters on your daughter’s feet. Also, padding will limit other bone injuries, but its advisable if you use properly fitted Pointe shoes.

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