Private Jobs in Indian agriculture field

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One of my friends is dong job in private sector of India’s agriculture, she also advised me to join private sector, and I want some information about private Jobs in Agriculture of India, thanks.

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  1. kate

     If you want to join private sector of agriculture department then you can become a Research Scientist, by choosing this field you will work in the laboratories. However this agriculture job required education till doctoral level i.e. Ph. D. But if your qualification is not that much outstanding and you did only matriculation then another option for you in agriculture department is to become a Farm Technician and can work as Workshop Staff and Lab Technician. These jobs in agriculture are frequently published by the Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), New Delhi.

    Agriculture jobs in India are also increasing in number with the passage of time as India is one of agriculture rich country. There are several firms and companies who are providing agriculture jobs in India. These include, Rapid Overseas, M.M Tractors, Shaheen Foods Ltd, Silver Stringz Group, ECL Agrotech Limited, VNR Seeds Private Limited, Albarakah Feed Mill, Danish Corp., WGW Company, Go Green Nursery Pvt. Ltd, Skilled Management Corporation etc. Also there are several renowned agricultural consultants who can provide their services to you in finding agriculture jobs in India.

    Jobs in agriculture are also offered in commercial firms and hiring young people who have the education in this sector. In commercial firms agricultural jobs are associated to agricultural finance, transportation, grading, sales, storage and finance. Wholesale and retail markets of agriculture also have many options.

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