Prices of what other items can be affected as a result of Libya crises?

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I want to know that as a result of Libya crises, what other items can have fluctuation in prices besides Oil prices as Libya has been economically very sound and over the years has been very productive.

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  1. Harry

    As a result of Libya crises, besides the increase in Oil prices, the Gold prices increase above U.S. $ 1,430 per ounce on Tuesday, March 8, 2011. Even on Monday, the spot price of gold reached U.S. $ 1.433.95 and close at U.S. $ 1.430.74 in New York. The updated news is that Gold prices had reached a record U.S. $ 1,444.40 per ounce last Monday, when oil prices soared. According to an economic and financial analyst, the price of gold may rise up to as much as $1,500 if the situation persists.

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