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I want to become a professional photographer and these days I am taking coaching classes from a professional photographer. I carry an old camera by Nikon but now I want to get a new one and looking for Nikon d5100. I do not know much about the price range of this camera and want to know about it. Do you have any idea about the price range of Nikon D5100? Can someone here tell me the current price range of D5100? I would be really great full for this favor. Thanks in advance.

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    Nikon d5100 is good choice for you. You can find this camera in the range of $846-$849 from These prices vary from supplier to supplier. This range is the current one from different stock available on Let me tell you some of the best features of this camera: 16.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor Side-articulated 3.0" LCD monitor (920,000 dots) 11 AF points (with 3D tracking) IS0 100-6400 range (Up to 25,600 equivalents when expanded) HD movies (1080p, 720p or WVGA) 4 fps continuous shooting In-camera affects filters in both stills and video modes 23.6 x 15.6 mm CMOS (DX format) 4928 x 3264 (16.2MP) 3696 x 2448 2464 x 1632 1080p30/25/24 720p30/25/24 424p30/24 Image Sensor Cleaning Airflow control system Image Dust off reference data (optional Capture NX 2 software required) Hope this information will help you in what you are looking for. I have never used any camera professionally but I know about this Nikond5100 a lot so I shared my best knowledge in this regard, best of luck.

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