Preston Street Ottawa's Little Italy

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Preston Street Ottawa's Corso Italia is also called little Italy and one of the best place to grab gelato, Exquisite pastries and quintessential demitasse of espresso or spicy pasta?

Preston Street, the heart of Ottawa's Little Italy, the first home of Ottawa's Italian population. The area is famous for producing personalities and community leaders - including the Mayor of Ottawa! Descendants of Irish, French and now the Asian community also call the area home.

Preston Street is famous for its Italian heritage and events, including restaurants noted for top quality service and cuisine. The majority of businesses are family operated with an "owner in the store" approach to customer service. Among Preston Street's eclectic clientele you will find politicians, hockey players and movie stars! The businesses on Preston street have some of the highest rates of customer return in the National Capital.

Preston Street is a complete community - you can buy everything from garden fountains to automobiles, hair styling to printing. It is home to that mecca of the discriminating do-it-yourselfer, Preston Hardware, and 100 other businesses, including no less than 30 restaurants that range from award-winning gourmet to cozy cafés and pastry shops, banquet halls and pubs.

During soccer world cup Preston street is no longer little italy but a gala for soccer loving Italians who cheer for Italy regardless of wining or losing.

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