Eligibility criteria for President of the United States?

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Can a naturalized citizen become President of the United States? The way I read the qualifications one has to be a natural born citizen in order to become President. Senator McCain was born in Panama and then became a naturalized citizen. If the above is true, how can he run for President of the United States?

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    One of the terms of the United States Constitution describes that, anyone who wants to become the President must be a United States citizen and the minimum age limit for him is at least 35 years old. These are the only legal conditions for the position; several citizens have many expectations from Presidential candidates which could be considered informal conditions. Additionally, a Presidential candidate must have large amount of money, for the Presidential campaign costs. The citizenship’s condition interpreted very strictly. A candidate must be a natural born citizen, meaning that immigrants are not eligible for the President nomination, no matter how long they have lived in the US. But on the same time if a child of American citizens is born abroad, he or she is technically considered a natural born citizen, and can therefore run Presidential office. Another requirement for Presidential candidate is that he must have actually lived in the United States for at least 14 years and he must be aware of common issues which impact the American populace. Many US citizens also expect that their President must have a good character, as morals and ethics of Presidents are often carefully scrutinized, especially by their opponents, so it is a good thought to keep a neat slate if you have a plan to become a President some day. Experience is also considered as one of important tool for Presidential campaigns. Most citizens prefer to vote to that candidate who has served in public office before. The candidate for presidents must beat a lengthy and often grueling campaign trail, criss-crossing the country in an effort to obtain votes. As a result, they must be able to speak effectively and clearly about significant issues while they run for President, especially in Presidential debates.

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