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I have been asked to deliver a presentation on "The impact on mobile phones on society" for the selection process of a reputed B school.Please advice about the content i need to add in my presentation.

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     One of the most important aspects of any presentation is the materials you use to back up your pitch. From brochures and PowerPoint slides to Handouts and Marketing Kits, Presentation materials can be as simple or complex as required to get the requested action from the audience. Development of presentation materials involves developing a specific objective for the presentation which may include the following:
    Bullet PowerPoint Slides
    Product Demonstrations are necessary. If your business is service-oriented rather than product driven, you should still bring something that demonstrates your business's strengths.
    Bring Brochures, Handouts and Marketing Kits for the audience
    All the materials and handouts that you give to the audience should be of top quality which would make them read.

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