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I'm putting together a 1 hour session on how to make strong presentations. My audience includes transportation engineers and planners with little or no experience making presentations.
I'm seeking some advice from you on the best way to structure this session.
Any ideas?

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  1. Business Analyst

     Presentations training and public speaking skills are very useful in many aspects of work and life. Effective presentations and public speaking skills are important in business, sales and selling, training, teaching, lecturing and generally entertaining an audience.
    To have advanced presentation skills you should be able to create interest and excitement in your subject and trust and enthusiasm in you. These presentation training essentials will help to improve skills:
    Proper Preparation of the presentation.
    Developing Presentation Style
    Dealing with Presentation Nerves and being confident of what you deliver.
    Working your Audience and keeping eye contact with them.
    Structuring Effective Presentations
    Developing as a Presenter and questioning the answers wisely at the end.

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