Precautions signs or symbols in a laboratory?

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what are the signs or symbols for the laboratory precautions?

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  1. Mitchel

    Following is the list of some of the standard signs and symbols for the laboratory precautions:

    Danger Symbol is signified by the skull and crossbone sign, which is a universally known sign known to all of us.

    Radioactive Symbol: Radioactive and radiation symbols are nearly similar to each other. These lab safety symbols appear as if some rays are radiated from the center to the peripheral parts.

    Eye Safety Symbol: The eye safety symbol is very easy to identify. If you notice a goggle sign outside a lab, it indicates the necessity to wear safety glasses before entering the lab. Putting safety goggles is part of chemistry lab safety rules.

    Thermal Safety Symbol: Heating and boiling are common steps for science practicals. The thermal safety symbol is very simple and resembles a hand glove. It is used to remind students to take precaution, while handing a hot object.

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    what is the signs or symbols of the laboratory precautions

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