Pray for Japan views of By Jonathan Capehart

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I need to know the comments of people on Japan earth quake, what are the views of Jonathan Capehart regarding Pray for Japan?

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  1. Guest22894024
    Pray for Japan views of By Jonathan Capehart about Japan earth quake: I've struggled all day for something to say about the devastating earthquake and tsunami that have shaken and flooded Japan. The pictures of homes, motor vehicles, airplanes and ships tossed about like toys in a playroom defy imagination. The video of water washing over the land as easily as it does an overflowing sink forces a renewed respect for and fear of the power of Mother Nature. As I watch reports of more earthquakes and aftershocks, the rise in the death toll and the number of missing, and the concern over nuclear reactors in that densely packed nation, only one thought comes to mind: Pray for Japan.

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