How to practice ballerina dancing?

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Hi, Im Brittney, Im fourteen and I have a question about practicing ballet and stuff. Ive been taking it on and off since(spelling error?) I was little, and Ive now decided I love it completely and really want to try hard and become good at it. Im pretty flexible, Im about six inches at the most away from the splits, and Im 5' 2" so I think I would be a good candidate for a ballerina. My question is how long would it take to really improve in my technique and talent and core strength and everything if I took a ballet class once a week? I could probably convince my parents to let me take two classes a week. Do you have any advice? Tips? What should I do to really make sure I stay in good shape and be a really good dancer? Im on the track team at my school if that helps. Sorry If this was a long question. Id really appreciate your help. Bye!

PS. Do you also know how to improve on pirouettes? I can do a double, most of the time. I really need help with my balance though. :)

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  1. James Augustus

    Ballet is the art of dance. You need strength, resilience, elegance and grace all at once. It could be started at the age of 9. It may be arduous to guru and takes items of staying-power and rehearse to study but you can study if you have will, devotion and dedication. If ballet motion is high-speed turning into your passion and you are organised to put in the hours of rehearse, then it may just be that you are organised to intention for a line of work in ballet. Ballet can be learnt at any age. Girls who study ballet develop tough bodies, extraordinary and temporal recognition, and enhance their coordination. A confirmed scientific, eventual bonus is that, it has been shown that girls retain the flexibility fetched about by ballet right through their adult lives. Ballet technique is deliberated to be the foundation of coaching for all sorts of dance.

  2. Mitchel

    If you wish to bring improvement in your bellarina dancing then you will have to practice it daily, make sure that you get a ballet lesson on daily basis. Practice ballet dancing at home with the aid of ballet books and videos. Work hard on iproving your ballerina posture, as it is one of the key feature in ballet dancing.

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