Powell's Point Provincial Park near New Glasgow, NS

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Powell's Point Provincial Park is an easy to find park in the Pictou County area with surprisingly little foot traffic or visitors. The park includes a short trail leading through a wooded path. If you park your car around the gate you can see the trail on your left, starting up though a field. The field lead to a wooded path that is not quite a kilometer in length. It is easy walking and great for any age. Halfway through the wooded path you can take a left and continue walking along the beach and edge of the wooded area. It is a great view of the Nothumberland Straight. It is also a wonderful spot to see various birds (eagles, hawks, various water foul). The beach eventually wraps around to a picnic area of the park. If you were to keep on the trail and not explore the beach path, the wooded trail would eventually come out into another picnic area of the park.
In New Glasgow locate Almont Avenue (NS 298 E). Continue driving through town on Almont which eventually turns into Little Harbor Road. Continue to the end of Little Harbor Road and take a left onto Pictou Landing Road. The park is roughly two kilometers down the road on your right.

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