What is the position of head in ballet?

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I am newly beginner in ballet and want to know about the position of head in ballet. Does anyone know about the position of head in ballet? I hope you can tell me.

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  1. Judi

    Part of the attractiveness of choreography dancers is the apparently perfect alignment of every part of their bodies. A beginner should be educated the correct way in which to contain the head. Head and look should both be coordinated with the movements of the arms, or dock de bras. The harmony of the head and arms permits a person who promenades to emerge assured and expressive.
    It can seem strange at the start to convey head movements into your rudimentary work with the five positions. Start with very little movements of the head, for demonstration, pointing your chin somewhat up when going into releve or inclining your head ever so somewhat in the direction of your barrel when you proceed into grand-plie.
    There are some correct head places encompassing directly to the front, turned 45 qualifications, and turned profile, to title a few. Remember that the chin should not ever be increased or let down too far, or the assembly won't be adept to glimpse your face. The assembly should habitually glimpse your face. Many starting choreography dancers often emerge dazed or bewildered, as they are not certain where or at what they should gaze while dancing. To bypass seeming this way, habitually gaze at something, look at your hand, gaze at the assembly, and gaze at your partner, never gaze into space.


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