Portrait of an actor, want to know name

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I have a painting of a portrait of an actor. It is believed to be from about the 50s era. The painting was found in a dump in California. When the painting was found, there were also some letters and a newspaper clipping that alluded to the painting being an actor. I am wondering where I could send a copy to find out who the actor is. The painting is just wonderful and the man looks familiar to everyone I have shown it to. Thank you in advance. Please help me out and solve the mystery.

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  1. John

    Hi Julie

    that is cool. If you can send me a copy of this unique portrait then I can easily asses and name the actress. So do a favor and send me the copy. Because you know I cannot understand it easily if you are just doing a lip service until or unless I take a very close look at the picture. So do it hurry.

    How interesting about the painting! I would love to see a photo of it, to see if I can identify who it might be. Can you forward a \"jpg\" copy (or any other method) to me by email, make sure the format is jpg otherwise it will create a problem for me to asses it. Here is my address you can send it here.

    My address is:

    Hope I can be of some help and wish to know if you have further questions.

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