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How should I prepare my portfolio for drop-off if I will not be with the employer to explain some of my works? Should I include labels to explain that one of the pieces in my portfolio, for example, was a large 3-part exhibit?If so, what is the best way to do this with a basic portfolio with plastic sleeves? Thanks!

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    Yes, if you're dropping off your portfolio, I highly recommend labels. First, the most important label that you should include would be your Name and contact information. I would include that at the beginning and end of your portfolio and you can incorporate it into it's own page (such as a title page).

    Incorporating labels depends on how you're incorporating all your pieces into the portfolio, but printing up labels neatly and using removable double-stick tape to adhere them to your backing paper works well. The removable aspect is important so that you can rework your portfolio at any time without needing to purchase new pages.

    As to labeling your piece that's a part of a larger piece, consider adding \"Part One of Three\" under its title or even something like \"Part One of Three of a 3' x 5' Exhibit\" to include the actual dimensions of the full piece.

    Here are a few things to think about including on your labels (you can choose all or just some, whatever is most important to you and to the person looking at your portfolio):

    -Title of piece



    -Purpose (who or what was it created for)

    -Brief explanation of piece or its meaning

    However, don't make it too elaborate or the portfolio will become too wordy and no one will be able to just flip through it easily and quickly. Hope this helps!

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