Porsche 944 83 heat problem. constant hot airflow

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constant hot airflow

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  1. Guest22495523

    The heater fan is always on when car is running, mind you at a very low speed. You could have a broken heater control panel cable lock preventing it to actually go to the cold position- thus not closing the heater valve in the engine compartment. If that is the case you will need to replace the control panel as they become very brittle with age. Parts are fairly cheap.

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, The comment about the temperature reaching the redline is definitely not normal. Getting that second fan to work will help, but I'm thinking something else is going on. Many independent garages now have temperature sensors that can take readings, for example, of different areas of a radiator, and see if the radiator has plugged (colder) areas. They do it without taking anything apart. If the radiator has any age to it, I'd check that out first. A flush tends to ensure new coolant won't be contaminated by old dirt and crud. It doesn't guarantee to unblock clogged tubes.

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