Please help i need weight loss advice!!!!?

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  1. Guest27940230

    Do regular exercise.
    Join a gym.
    Use high protein and low fats.
    Eat fresh and raw vegetables and drink more water. Water is a natural ingredient.
    Diet and exercise are both can effective on weight.
    Try to eat healthy like fruits,vegetables,beans and drink more water during a day,which also helpful to weight loss.


  2. Guest23125355

    if you want to loose wieght you need to do excercise daily and you have to take good supplement of wieght loose.there are lots of supplement avialable in the market that helps to reduce extra wieght..but you have to choose right one because some is has negative effects so you can take advice from doctor while choosing...

  3. Guest22681682

    just visit here and past this link

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