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I have my question regarding my favourite singer and song writer Barry Manilow. I understand that being famous; he would be very busy in making tours and releasing different albums. I would appreciate if you could you forward me some information on some latest albums by Barry Manilow and some information about his current US tour? Also if possible any kind of reviews would be appreciated.

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  1. Harry

    There is certainly no doubt about the fact that Barry Manilow is a real busy character. He remains busy throughout the year keeps on working on his new tracks and albums. Besides, so as to meet up with the demands of his fans, he has to make special plans in order to make tours on different places. Most of his fans around the world are always looking for his new album, a new song or a new tour. There have been several queries that Barry never responds or gives a feedback to any message sent by his fans. This is something very much understandable, as due to a large numbers of e-mails and messages sent by the fans, it virtually becomes rather difficult to treat each and every message individually. Getting back to the original questions, Barry's latest CD is called “Here at the May Flower”. At the moment Barry does not have a current US Tour. As for any reviews, we shall have to wait and see. If there come out to be any more information about the new songs or tours, they will be forwarded accordingly.

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