Please Translate the Following in Chavacano Language: Eyes? Chick? Chin? Ears? Eye Lashes? Eyebrow?

by Ronan Paul Bulahan Dayot  |  9 years ago

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Eyes? Chick? Chin? Ears? Eye Lashes? Eyebrow? Jaw? Forehead? Eyebags? Hair? Head? Neck? Shoulder? Arms? hands? chest? back? abdominal? buttocks? Legs? Thigh? Feet/Foot? Nail/s? finger/s? Skul? Knee/s? Ankle?

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  1. Guest28161471

    Please translate the following into chavacanno:

    tongue, teeth, nosetrills, lips, footgear, elbow, waist, face, eyebrows, butt, mouth

  2. Guest22362654

    Ojo/s - Eye/s?

    Mejilla - Chick?

    Mejilla - Chin?

    Oreja/s - Ear/s?

    Cejas - Eye Lashes?


    Sahgañg - Jaw?

    Frente - Forehead?

    Ojos Hondo - Eyebags?

    Pelo - Hair?

    Cabeza - Head?

    Pescuezo/Pezcueso - Neck?

    Hombro - Shoulder?

    Brazo/s - Arm/s?

    Mano/s - hand/s?

    Pecho - chest?

    Detras - back?

    Abdominal - abdominal?

    Buli - buttocks?

    Pierna/s - Leg/s?

    Pata / Pierna Principal - Thigh?

    Peis/Pie - Feet/Foot?

    Uña/s - Nail/s?

    Dedo/s - finger/s?

    Escola - Skul? (jendeh asegurado -not sure)

    Rodilla/s - Knee/s?


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