Playground Safety Day Guide

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Playground Safety Day on 27 April. information about when is Playground Safety Day, how it is celebrated, activities, ideas for kids, Special events, & History of Playground Safety Day

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    The best way to ensure a daycare playground is safe is to follow National Association for the Education of Young Children accreditation standards. The NAEYC provides a standard for a safe, educational daycare experience for children from birth through kindergarten, using 10 standards. Ideally, a certified playground safety inspector should certify the playground. CPSIs are trained by the National Playground Safety Institute.

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    Despite the exponential increase in indoor and video games, play grounds still remain one of the favorite places for kids to be at. Playgrounds serve as not only entertainment platforms but also are learning and socializing centers for children. While playing, kids are prone to different accidents. Parents tend to ignore small cuts and bruises as part of the game. Sadly, play ground accidents can go much worse than just ankle bruises. The Playground Safety Day is celebrated to encourage safer playing grounds for children to ensure that the fun they have comes with a peace of mind - and not 'piece of body'.

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