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Hi Laurie¡¡
I'm back from Vegas where I spent 2 wonderful evenings with Barry, He was great¡¡This was my 5th time for M & P and I can tell you he did 2 wonderful shows, he looked in such a good shape¡¡ He was so adorable with the audience¡¡, even tho he had an unexpected fan on stage while he was playing the piano ¡¡, anyway, I'm really interested on getting a platinum package for next year, do you have any idea when Starz will be selling them ?? I wrote them and they say they don't have any dates for 2009 yet. Probably I'll have to wait a few months, I just  want to be sure I won't miss the date. Thank you again ¡

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  1. James Augustus

    Below are the links where you can get information regarding Platinum packages 2009:

    BMIFC tickets, Platinum tickets, and Front Row tickets for February 18, 19, 20, 26, 27, and 28 performances of “ULTIMATE MANILOW: The Hits” at the Las Vegas Hilton are available tomorrow (Wednesday, October 29) at 10 AM (Pacific)!

    BMIFC Tickets
    Phone: 310.957.5788

    Platinum Tickets
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    Front Row Tickets

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