How many plane crashes happen every year in the world?

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What are the odds of a plane crashing? terrified of planes.

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  1. Guest8227
    Highly unlikely. You have more of a chance being in a car crash.

  2. Guest9493
    I don't know the exact odds but they are CONSIDERABLY less than the odds of a CAR crashing.
  3. Guest8286
    its rare

    thats why its such a big deal when one does crash and its all over the news

    you'll be fine
  4. Guest7312
    It's pretty rare. Anytime a plane does crash it's in the news, and considering that plane crashes are never in the news, it's nothing to worry about. They always test the plane to make sure it's safe before they let any passengers onboard, and there's two pilots so if something happened to one (not likely) the other would still be able to fly the plane.
  5. Guest6515
    the chances are very small. people sometimes think that they'd rather go somewhere by ship but going by plane is actually the safest form of transportation logistically compared to everything else.

    there's actually a larger chance of you dying by walking on the street than going to the airport... if you are REALLY nervous, get some peppermint oil and rub some on your neck before you take off. that will soothe your nerves
  6. Guest1888
    Ever won the lottery jackpot? (1 in 14 million)

    Ever been struck by lightning? (1 in 20 million)

    Your odds of these two things are actually BETTER than being in an airplane crash (1 in 25 million)

  7. Guest1694
    On an average day in the US there are 87,000 flights. That amounts to 31,755,000 flights per year.

    Out of those flights, there is an average of 47 accidents per year, or one in 675,638 chance of a plane being in a crash.

    In other words, you are fairly safe and should not worry too much.

    I hope this helps.

  8. Guest9524
    I heard you are a lot safer in an airplane. Just the other day there was a terrible car accident - many people got injured - an airplane fell on them..............

    Actually - Your chances of being involved in an aircraft accident are about 1 in 11000000. On the other hand, your chances of being killed in an automobile accident are 1 in 5000.
  9. Guest8348
    it can happen to n e plane..its scary and hard to not think about it,but its pretty rare..planning or goin on a trip on a plane soon? dont worry about it! good luck!! [= lol

  10. Guest8745
    Think of this

    Northwest Airlines takes off and lands a plane 16 thousand times a day world wide. When was the last time you herd of a large airline going down..??????? Pretty safe, right..

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