Places to visit in Davao City Philippines

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I am going to Davao City with my family and want to know about some places which I can visit at Davao city Philippines. Anyone of you who knows about some famous places of Davao City Philippines please share it here.

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    Very informative site to check for Philippines attractions, travel and tourist destination. How to get there and accomodation...









  2. Duke

    The City of Davao is the largest city on the island of Mindanao in Philippines. Following are some of the tourist attraction places in Davao City Philippines:
    • Crocodile Farm:
    The only crocodile park in the district presents home to locally bred crocodiles encompassing the country's largest crocodile entitled Pangil (or fangs) assessing over 18 feet (5.5 m) in length. On display are furthermore dozens of species of birds and serpents, as well as tigers and large apes. One can take delight from examining, horseback travelling round the park, or feeding the juvenile furious reptiles.
    • DECA Wakeboard Park:
    It is beleived to be the biggest wakeboarding park in the Philippines, proposing the best venue for the farthest water sports, the wake-boarding and water-ski. The park furthermore boasts you the picturesque outlook of Mt. Apo that increases your amusement while riding.
    • Japanese Museum:
    The museum includes historical accounts of the Japanese community residing in Davao before and throughout the conflict encompassing their devices which they utilized in the abaca plantations, currencies, publications, amidst others.
    • Japanese Peace Memorial Shrine:
    During the ""Ubon Yasumi"" Japan's type of All Souls' Day held in August, Japanese conflict veterans and their kin take a pilgrimage to visit this memorial shrine.
    • Lon Wa Buddhist Temple:
    The biggest Buddhist temple in Mindanao is set in natural environment of candle trees and bamboo with an enforcing figurine of the Buddha and his life depicted in timber carving.
    • Monument of Peace & Unity:
    Unveiled throughout the commemoration of the Philippine Centennial in 1998, the monument depicts the peaceful connection of the migrant and indigenous inhabitants of Davao in the last 100 years.
    • Mosques:
    Islam is also one of the foremost religion in the town with some locations of worships founded in Bankerohan, Quezon Blvd., Panacan, Quimpo Blvd., amidst others.
    • Eden Nature Park:
    A very well liked hill holiday resort established in Eden, Toril District, some 40 min away from the town center. It is located 3,000 ft (910 m) overhead ocean grade, giving it a cooling and moderate climate. It is 95% man made with pine trees dotting the landscape.
    • Philippine Eagle Center:
    Home to the Philippines National Bird, The Philippine Eagle (previously entitled Monkey Eating Eagle), the biggest eagle in the World. It is where they are propagated in captivity in alignment to boost their community and avert extinction. It is established in Malagos, a 45 min propel from the town center. Aside from being a provisional dwelling for the Monkey Eating Eagle's, it furthermore hosts some other bizare animals native to Davao's forest. As of
    • River Rafting at Davao River:
    An hour travel from downtown locality, the beginning issue is beside Tamugan Bridge along the Davao-Bukidnon Highway. With a 13-km extend of whitewater excursion, the rafting will end beside the Lacson Lamanan Bridge.

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