Pike River mine blast. Latest news.

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Pike River mine blast. Latest news. What are the updates from Pike River mine blast? Does anyone have the latest updates?

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    Prime Minister John Key is looking at the possibility of having two memorials to mark the deaths of the miners. Mr. Key says planning has not yet started, but his intention is to have one memorial in Greymouth and another national memorial, probably in Christchurch. Hundreds of people have gathered at Holy Trinity Church in Greymouth, following this afternoon's confirmation the 29 Pike River miners are dead. Those among the congregation include Pike River CEO Peter Whittall. He has been hugged by Daniel Rockhouse - one of the two men who walked out of the mine after Friday's explosion. Daniel's brother Ben Rockhouse is one of the men who lost their lives in the mine. The Reverend Marge Tefft says it is a devastating day and she has paid tribute to Peter Whittall. Flags will fly at half mast in Victoria on Thursday in tribute to the 29 miners presumed to have died at the Pike River mine.

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