Pictures of laboratory apparatus and its uses?

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Pictures of laboratory apparatus and its uses? Pictues of laboratory apparatus make understanding the use so much easier. Many times you can use your common sense.

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  1. Danial

    Here're some basic Laboratory Apparatus and their uses:

    common laboratory apparatus

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    nakakaines walang picture


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    hey men, madafa ka.. fat U! anu ba to drawing lang ata to ng bata the way tnx u so muxh..hehe..
  4. Guest20009389 yan na ung link... sana nman wag kayong hi9h blood... Sana nman naisip nyo mag hanap sa iba,,,dba?! Edi, Cnong bobo?! dami- dami kcing pwedeng hanapan eh...
  5. Guest19868361
    Beaker-"laboratory beaker", a glass object used for holding fluids and chemicals in a laboratory setting. wire gauze -Wire gauze can be used to support a container (such as a beaker or flask) during heating. When the bunsen burner flame is beneath it, with a tripod, the wire gauze helps to spread the flame (and heat) out evenly over the container.
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    waaaaaaaaallllllllaaaaaaaaannnnnnngggggg kwentaa grabee!!!!!!! hindi makakatulong ito kung may project ka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    mga tanga,,,,pictures hnhnap ko,,,,vovo
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    bobo ka hahah
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    yawa peste,shonimal nag gumawa nitong wweb natoh.... sayang lang ung pera kohhh.... mag pakamatay kana .. kung ikaw ang gumawa nitoh....
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    sayang lng ng kuryente ang p**a!! di nio pa block website nio!! tae qau
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    picture picture........................ tseeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh......
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    wala naman eh :( hayyy!!
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    Putang ina hayop ang gumawa ni2 nag mamadali ako bat walang mga apparatus d2.... tanga gago pak U...... mamatay na kayo............ ^_^
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    putang ina akala ko naman meron dahil ang tagal hhhmmmm wala naman pala !!!!!!! maga walang kwentang pictures lang ang lumabas
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    laboratory apparatus-MORTAR
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    asan anong picture la nmn nakalagay pinapaasa nio lng ang tao walang kwenta sinungaling. picture la nmn
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  18. Guest10452672
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    walang kwenta? wala naman nakalagy? na picture eh? walang kwenta tlg? ->s**t<-
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    wag nyu lgay to sa Yahoo kung wla google nyu lgay pag wla kwenta
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    Supakin ku noo nyo eh!!
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    wala nmng nga kaung mag lagay ng kung ano2 kung alang pic!
  23. Guest9970044
    Beaker: common sizes are 50-ml, 100-ml,250-ml, 400-ml. Buret: common sizes are 25-ml, 50-ml and 100-ml. Clamps: buret/test tube clamp, clamp holder, double buret clamp, s***w clamp, pinch clamp. Clay Triangle Crucible and cover Crucible tongs Dropper pipet Funnel Erlenmeyer flask: common sizes are 100-ml, 250-ml. Evaporating dish Florence flask: common sizes are 125-ml, 250-ml, 500-ml. Forceps Gas burner Graduated cylinder: common sizes are 10-ml, 25-ml, 50-ml, 100-ml. Mortar and pestle Pipet Pipet bulb Plastic wash bottle Pneumatic trough Ringstand Rubber stoppers Rubber tubing Safety goggles Scoopula Stirring rod and rubber policeman Test tube brush Test tube holder Test tube rack Test tubes Thermometer Watch glass Wide-mouth bottle Wire gauze
  24. Guest9927032
    test tube brush
  25. Guest8406739
    pictures of apparatuses in the laboratory

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