Pickup and dropoff zone at Townsville Airport

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Can someone tell me that which is the pickup and dropoff zone at Townsville Airport? If someone knows about it please let me know.

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  1. Airlines Expert
    Departures drop off at Townsville Airport is at the southern end of the terminal and arrivals pick up is at the northern end of the terminal. Townsville airport is a ‘restricted parking Zone’ – no parking area unless otherwise authorized. This is due to increased security procedures implemented at all airports throughout Australia. Townsville airport must abide by the security regulations determined by the commonwealth government. Passenger drop off and collection at the terminal is restricted to the following: > Passenger set down is allowed at the front of the terminal as per signage. > Australian road rule 168 for ‘no parking” signs, states drivers must remain with their vehicles and are to drive on within the required time of 1 minute. > Drivers of vehicles dropping off or picking up passengers kerbside at the front of the terminal must remain with their vehicle. > Drivers of vehicles displaying a current disability permit dropping off disabled person(s) can park in the two designated ‘disabled permit’ spaces in the drop off and pick up Zone for 20 minutes (instead of the 1 minute allocation given to other vehicles). Drivers of the vehicles parked in the ‘disabled permit’ spaces can leave their vehicle to assist their passenger to the terminal within the 20 minute period. > Should the driver of a car not displaying a disability permit need to leave the vehicle to assist the passenger, a number of alternate options are available: option 1: arrange for a third person to travel to the airport with the driver to escort the disabled person(s) into the terminal whilst the driver remains with the vehicle. Option 2: parking the vehicle in the short term car park which is in close proximity to the terminal. If you enter and exit the car park with 10 minutes it is free. Option 3: there are public transport vehicles that are able to transfer you to the airport and drop you at the front of the terminal including taxis and limousines. > The regulations surrounding ’Bus Zones’ (Australian road rule 183) and ‘loading Zones’ for authorized vehicles (Australian road rule 179) remain consistent for all vehicles – there are no exceptions for drivers displaying a disabled permit sticker.

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